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Vijayawada is a Capital City of Andhra Pradesh having excellent connectivity by road, rail, and air and also internal waterways have made this bustling city as one of the most happening hubs of trade. This 3rd largest urban agglomeration in Andhra Pradesh is all set to be the next big destination for all national and international retailers.

The population of over 2 million has the right PPP and is driving the steady growth of the Retail sector. An important junction this popular pilgrimage Centre with tourist hot spots such as the Kanaka Durga Temple and the Krishna Barrage has a confluence of a large floating population that boosts retail trade.

From a sleepy tear II town to a fast and dynamic cosmopolitan city, the transformation has come too fast. High levels of adaptability of the local people have resulted in exponential but sustainable growth. The wide exposure of the people of Vijayawada to the national and international markets has created millions of craving customers for national and international brands.

With the mushrooming of educational institutions in the city has witnessed a healthy infusion of a discerning population of youth hailing from all over the country. The melting pot of various cultures has thus infused cosmopolitan trends not only in fashion but also in the general lifestyles. Branded showrooms have sprouted all over the city and the mall culture has encouraged people to keep in stride with international vogue.

Key Growth Drivers

Escalating population ratio
Increasing urban, metropolitan culture
Increasing disposable income and spending power
Lifestyle aspiration
Identification with brand and mall culture
An area surrounded by IT / ITES youth
Emergence of specialty retailing and hybrid malls
Emphasis on international shopping experience

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